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Marketing an Electrical Contracting company online is not an easy task. There’s nothing worse than when your master electricians are sitting around the office, trucks parked, and no appointments on the books. TIBINT creates a custom digital marketing strategy designed for your business that is proven to generate leads and get more customers converted into booked jobs. With over 15 years of digital marketing experience in the Electrical Contracting and AEC industry, our digital marketing strategy is a pure data-driven solid answer.


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Three Major Winning Components in Marketing an Electrical Contracting Company

Electrician Website

Customers judge the legitimacy of a company by its website design and usability. 62% of consumer visits to Electrician Service companies online are via a mobile device. Your website needs to be optimized to book appointments easy &  fast.

Local Listing SEO

Give your customers the right information so they can contact you. Improve your visibility online with over 50+ local listing sites, automatically create and manage all your listings from one place, update times, photos, services, and more.

Online Reviews

Easily gather, manage, and Market reviews with requests, reply, and monitoring capabilities fully managed to increase 5 Star reviews, search visibility, and make the customer experience the backbone of your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps maintain constant company awareness. This means customers that requested more information are easy to contact and keep informed. Email marketing also boosts your printed material and SEO campaigns.

Digital Ads

Digital Ads establishes industry authority by placing your electrical business first on search results. This puts your business in front of more leads, that convert into customers. Gain more leads and close more deals.

Social Media

Having a direct link to your local community allows your electrical business customers to not only share their amazing experience but also work as a referral system for future potential clients. Social Media builds customer loyalty.

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