Website Security

Protects your website and its data from hackers, malware attacks, and other online security threats.

Website Security Plans

Hackers are constantly finding new ways to break into businesses online. Protect your business assets with advanced security and give your site a speed boost with our advanced Content Delivery Network.

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Included in every plan

What is website security

Website security protects a website and its data from hackers, malware, and online security threats. Most site owners aren’t aware of all the different types of threats out there. Luckily we do, and we protect your site against every single one.

Malware Scan & Repair

Our system automatically scans daily for malware and malicious content that could put your website, users, and business assets at risk.

Blocklist Monitoring

If your site is compromised and blocklisted our team will notify you of the problem and work to get your site clean and removed from the block.

WAF - Firewall

Stop malware before it gets a chance to destroy your website. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) intercepts incoming data and removes malicious code.

Complete online protection

With our complete online security protection, your website security is powered by the most advanced protocols and firewalls. There is no software to install, automatic daily security scans, and a dedicated security team for manual repairs. We’ve got it covered!

Malware is the worst!

Most malware attacks are triggered by automation and bots, so that means literally every single website is a target. If your website is compromised and you don’t have an immediate response, it can do more than just bring your website offline. It will destroy your reputation, and that will chase prospective and current customers away.

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